13 beautiful small islands in Denmark

Photo: Stefan Asp

Denmark is surrounded by the sea and made up of hundreds of small islands. Each one has its own character, and gives you a chance to see the country in microcosm, with relaxing nature, a slower tempo and a chance to tune out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Roadside stall on the island of Samso, Denmark's Energy Island
Photo: Nicolai Perjesi

Samsø - The green island

Fun fact: Samsø is 100% self-sufficient and is powered by renewable energy. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation in quiet surroundings, it is a good choice. Set in in Kattegat, you will find several beautiful sandy beaches, excellent fishing opportunities and a flat landscape that is ideal for a cycling holiday on the island. Hot tip: definitely try the famous potatoes!


Ærø – Hygge in miniature

Ærø is a great example of Danish hygge! Here you will find cobbled streets, cosy squares, small streets and colorful old houses. The island's capital Ærøskøbing is known as Denmark's fairytale city and is the best-preserved city from the Middle Ages in the whole of the country.


Læsø - For the gourmets and the gods

Læsø is located between Fredrikshavn in Denmark and Gothenburg in Sweden. This special island is famous for its long sandy beaches, its beautiful seaweed roofs and its delicious lobster. It was also said to be the feasting place of the gods in Norse mythology.

The island Anholt in denmark
Photo: Destination Djursland

Anholt - The Gran Canaria of the north

The island of Anholt is known as the Gran Canaria of the north. This 22 km² island impresses with its beautiful dune landscape and golden sand, and offers a unique retreat for visitors. In total, only 160 residents live on this island in the Kattegat.


Fur - The most beautiful island?

The Danish island of Fur lies in the middle of the Limfjord and was chosen as the most beautiful island of the year by the readers of a Danish daily newspaper in 2010. It’s enchanting, with quiet beaches, white cliffs and plenty of fossils to discover.

GDK_Avernakø Island
Photo: Faaborg Turistbureau

Avernakø - The island with the maypole

Avernakø lies in the South Fyn archipelago. The island is known for its diversity of birds and for the maypole that can be seen from Avernak and Munkholm. There are well-developed campsites and parking spaces for campers, and plenty of holiday apartments and hotels.


Christiansø / Frederiksø - Denmark's easternmost islands

The little islands of Christiansø and Frederiksø are 18 kilometres northeast of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. Part of a mini archipelago that also includes the bird sanctuary Græsholmen, there is a real maritime Mediterranean flair here.

Sejerø Lighthouse on island in West Zealand, Denmark
Photo: VisitVestsjælland

Sejerø - The biggest of the small ones

Sejerø is one of the largest islands of the Danish "small islands". There is wonderful nature, beautiful beaches and also some stunning historical sights to visit, including several bronze burial mounds.

Orø island close to Holbæk in Zealand, Denmark
Photo: Orø Bådelaug - VisitHolbæk

Orø - Not just a paradise for birds

Orø – ‘The pearl in the Isefjord’ is a magical little island with summer activities and experiences for every taste. One of its highlights is the many trails across the island, from which you can watch wading birds and more.  

Beach on island of Femø, Denmark
Photo: Visit Lolland-Falster

Femø - An island for active folk

The Danish island of Femø has about 35 kilometers of public paths ideal for hiking or biking along. When you’ve had enough of all that activity, the beaches beckon for a relaxing afternoon.


Fejø - The island with the apple trees

About 650 people live on Fejø and there are at least as many apple trees. The townscape of the villages is characterised by picturesque old houses, many of which are thatched, and its friendly residents. It’s just 15 minutes from the mainland.

View over island Vejrø, Denmark
Photo: Stella Maris

Vejrø - Get away from it all

Vejrø lies in the fairway of “Smålandshavet” and is a dream of an island, that can only be reached by boat or plane under your own steam – there is no public transport access. As a result, it’s a particularly special place, where people and animals live in harmony, as much as they can, a long way from the stresses of big city life.

Photo: Kystlandet - Melissa Villumsen


Endelave has been voted island of the year many times by the Danes. And with good reason, this island takes island-hopping to another level - literally - by being known as the Rabbit Island. On this little part of land in the sea off the coast of Horsens, you'll be hopping from one relaxing experience to another, alongside the wild local rabbits.


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