SMK - National Gallery of Denmark

The best museums to visit to understand us Danes better

Photo: SMK - National Gallery of Denmark

We have a rich history. So rich in fact that most of us can't even retell half of it. But luckily, we have a lot of passionate locals around the country, who are eager to share their vast knowledge of Denmark's history and culture at our many museums. Here are 18 of Denmark’s best museums.


Want to get even better acquainted with us?

Aww, that’s so sweet of you. And we’re glad. Because we have a lot more stories to tell! Here are a few more suggestions of museums for you to visit.


Become an expert on the Danish Golden Age (or pretend you’re in the tropics in the Winter Garden).

The Workers' Museum

Walk through an old apartment in Copenhagen, and see how we lived in the past.

Denmark's Industrial Museum

Figure out how the Industrial Revolution impacted our country and everyday lives.

Christiansborg Palace

Head to our parliament building to learn about our the history of our monarchy and democracy.


See how we've expressed ourselves through art from 1990 onwards at the modern art museum, ARKEN.

Hammershus Castle Ruins

Visit the Medieval fortress on Bornholm learn about the island’s history.

History Centre Dybbøl Banke

Explore the battle field of one of Denmark’s most significant wars (but don’t ask us who won…). (Photo: @senorabubu)


If you find yourself in the city of Aalborg, head to their art museum, Kunsten. (Photo: Allan Toft, Kunsten)

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