The Marguerite Route

The Marguerite Route is a country-wide scenic route that takes you past more than 200 of Denmark's top attractions and through some of the country's most picturesque scenery. So head out by car or by bike and experience the very best Denmark has to offer.

Marguerite Route sign

Marguerite Route facts

This extensive route covers over 3,000km of Denmark, taking you past remote parts of the country and well-travelled areas. Signs mark the route, so you can look out for square signs in brown with bold white daisies on. Some parts of the route are not accessible for buses or campervans but the vast majority of the route is accessible to all traffic types.


History of the route

The Marguerite Route was established in the 1980s and was officially opened by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe. The route is named after her favourite flower, the Marguerite Daisy. Since 2001, The Outdoor Council has owned the route and it collaborates with VisitDenmark, tourist agencies and other central organisations to ensure the maintainance and upgrading of the route.  

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