7 different ways you can stare in wonder at Møns Klint

Photo: Camp Møns Klint

We could sit all day long staring in wonder at Mons Klint. It’s so big. And chalky. It’s our Cold Caribbean! But if open-mouth staring at Mons Klint is not enough and you want ways to really experience it, try one (or more) of these very different ways to behold our biggest wonder!

The white cliffs of Møn are located south of Copenhagen

Photo:Sascha Bendix

The wonder of the Cold Caribbean

Just under two hours south of Copenhagen is one of Denmark’s biggest and most surprising wonders, Mons Klint (Møns Klint). The 70 million-year-old chalk cliffs are gentling crumbling into the Baltic Sea on the island of Møn, making the water beautifully clear and inviting. It’s the kind of place that Danes move to and never leave. Danes like Sascha Bendix. She arrived 16 years ago and has since spent her everyday living and breathing the magic of Mons Klint. Here are 7 ways that local adventurers like Sascha get the most out of a day at Mons Klint…

1. From on or in the water

Sailing boats, kayaks, fishing trips... even diving and snorkelling. You can hire and try everything at Mons Klint! While you can hire kayaks and boats yourself, it's a great idea to book onto a guided tour on the water. For example, local fishing captain and guide, Bjarne Larsen, can take you out on a 2-hour sailing tour. Whilst out marvelling at the giant white cliffs, an expert on the region from Geocenter Møns Klint will get you up to speed on all those millions of years of unique natural history!


Sailing at Møns Klint

Everyday fun: Sascha loves swimming here in the summer.Photo:@saschabendix

Fishing at Møns Klint

Sascha out fishing with local guide, Knud Stangegård.Photo:@saschabendix

2. On horseback

You don’t need to bring your own horse (BYOH) to Mons Klint to enjoy the spectacular views from the saddle. You can join a guided tour on sturdy little Icelandic ponies, for the ultimate ride. They are not only cute, they’re also experts in the local terrain themselves, so the trip is great for both beginners and experienced riders. You can even get your own private guide if you fancy a quieter ride along the many trails criss-crossing the cliffs and forests at Mons Klint.

3. Under the stars

Mons Klint is not only a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, it’s also Scandinavia’s first Dark Sky Park, along with nearby Nyord. This means it’s officially one of the best places in Denmark to experience the majesty of the night sky. And it’s not only the cliffs themselves that are free from light pollution and a place to watch shooting stars and galaxies pass by. Camp Møns Klint has transformed into an experience where you can truly sleep under the stars, including a Star Lounge where you can rest and contemplate how tiny and insignificant we all are :)

Mons Klint is Scandinavia's first Dark Sky Park.Photo:Tage Klee - SydkystDanmark

4. With champagne in a cliff-top hot tub

Sascha's picture below is a real place and somewhere she loves to go to disconnect from it all, while still being close to home. You can actually hire this cute little lighthouse cabin, complete with its own romantic outdoor hot hub, right at the top of the cliffs. Can't you just imagine yourself relaxing right here, sipping champers overlooking one of Denmark's absolutely best views?

5. Up close and long ago

There's a reason they say that this is where Denmark was born. It's because... it's really, really old. But more than just something to think about, the history of Mons Klint is actually something you can touch and hold! The beach at the bottom of the cliffs is a treasure trove of ancient fossils, and the fantastic folks at Geocenter Møns Klint can take you out and help you find them!

6. On two wheels

Strap on a helmet and explore the forest at the top of the cliffs, on the two mountain bike trails that zig-zag a scenic route across the terrain. And for the more upright cyclist, there are many biking possibilities for you to get to know the area, including the Baltic Sea Cycle Route (N8), that has its highest point in the 820km-long route right at the top of Mons Klint.

7. In all four seasons

Look how pretty Mons Klint looks all dressed up in seasonal colours! An added bonus of exploring the area in either spring, autumn or winter, is that you might even bump into Sascha and her family or the other savvy locals, who understand exactly what Møn can offer the soul outside of the summer season. Just be aware that some tours and places to stay might not be open, so check before you come!

How to get to Mons Klint

The pretty island of Møn is 1.5 hours south of Copenhagen by car. You'll find Mons Klint on the eastern shore of the island and there are lots of accommodation options right by the cliffs. It takes a little longer to get here with public transport but it is possible! Check this journey planner for how to get here by bus and train.


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