Vahine from Cold Hawaii Surf Center at the coast of Klitmøller, Denmark

Insider tips on where to surf in Denmark

Photo: Mads Tolstrup

Vahineura Itchner is the co-owner of Cold Hawaii Surf Camp in Klitmøller, a surf school offering courses, team-building and camps with surfing as focus. So who better to tell us about where to find the best waves in Denmark?

The four best spots for surfing in Denmark

As all good surfers know, you don't share your secret spots. But we twisted Vahineura's arm and she's told us that if you're brave enough to surf in Denmark's cold water, these are the places you should seek out. You'll find them all up in the north of Jutland, along our wild North Sea coast.


Inside Reef, Klitmøller

This place is only three minutes from where I live and is so close to the place where I run the surf school and our surf shop here in Klitmøller, so it's really easy to find if you're in town. 


Bunkers, Reef break, Klitmøller

This is the place to be for a good right wave which gives super performance when it's on! And also the surroundings here are just stunning, even if the waves aren't right...

Wind surfing in North Jutland
Photo: Mark Wengler

Big pier, Nørre, Vorupør

Big Pier is a fun place to surf when there's a big swell and lots of wind, because the pier protects you from the heavy wind. It's a short drive down the coast from Klitmøller.

Photo: Food Out West

Fiskemelet, Hanstholm

This is one wave you need to try when you're in Denmark. Hanstholm is a 15-minute drive from Klitmøller, anw whatever the weather, you'll find beautiful long waves here. 


Chase the good spots all over the country, because in the end, it’s all about embracing the adventure by finding your own new surf spots.

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