Kiss & Goodbye sign at drop off zone at Aalborg Airport in North Jutland, Denmarkl

Kiss n' Goodbye sign at Aalborg Airport a huge hit on social media

Looking for a kiss that'll put your head in the clouds? Then visit Aalborg Airport!
Monday, September 16, 2013
Aalborg Airport in north Jutland has become famous worldwide becuase of its "Kiss and goodbye" parking zone near its entrance. Here amorous travellers can squeeze in one last smooch before parting ways. Be warned, though: As stated by the sign, Aalborg puts a strict three-minute limit on the kisses!

Interestingly, according to one Danish paper, a photo of the sign from December 2011 does not include a time limit, suggesting the three-minute cut-off was instated sometime in between then and now.

So what event precipitated the change? Mr. Søren Svendsen, Aalborg's Airport Director, explains that the time limit was not implemented after lengthy kisses led to missed flights; rather, passengers had parked cars there too many times, causing a nuisance. Aalborg has had the zone for approximately 5 years. 

Seen by over 500.000

This summer a photo of the sign was uploaded online and within 48 hours it had spread to over half a millions persons worldwide. Next, Aalborg Airport was inundated by phone calls from both local and international media wanting to know more about the legendary sign - even the Huffington Post did a piece about the unusual kissing sign at Aalborg Airport!

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