Funen's Head

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From the hill tops of Funen, you can take in amazing views of the South Funen Archipelago and all the varied flora and fauna that covers the island. Known as the garden island, Funen is characterised by fields and pastures and has a wonderful relaxed feel.

A land shaped by ice

The lovely, sloping South Funen landscape is at its picturesque best between the towns of Svendborg and Faaborg. North of Faaborg, you find the rolling Svanninge Hills (Svanninge Bakker) with steep ravines resulting from the last glacial period, around 14,000 years ago. 

North of Kerteminde, on North East Funen, is the peninsula of Hindsholm and a number of small islands and points, such as Romsoe and Enebaerodde. The landscape has been shaped by glaciation and there are many natural areas offering a diverse array of plant and animal life. 


The shallow waters of Funen's bays and inlets are popular breeding and resting areas for birds. Funen's Head, a nature reserve at the northernmost tip of Hindsholm, gives you views for miles over the surrounding land and sea.

At the Fjord & Belt Experience Centre in Kerteminde, you can learn about local nature and the environment, including Funen's special visitors - seals and porpoises.

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