Pia Skammelsen, founder of Oh So Quiet

5 of the most scenic hiking trails in Denmark

Photo: Kristian Hertoft

Pia Skammelsen knows a thing or two about hiking in Denmark. As the founder and director of Oh So Quiet, she arranges unique hiking tours on the west coast, with routes that take you from holiday cottage to holiday cottage along the way. Here are some of Pia's favourite places to wander.


Redningsvejen in Thy National Park

"This route stretches from Agger Tange in the south to Bulbjerg in the north. Sea, wind, sand and salt have all been a part of creating the unique dune landscape in Thy National Park. This is where I got the idea for Oh So Quiet, while out walking with friends in 2017. It's where I rediscovered my region's primitive landscapes. Thy has a very special place in my heart."

Hærvejen er en af Danmarks klassiske vandreruter
Photo: Hærvejen


"Hærvejen is a several hundred kilometre-long hiking route that runs through south Jutland. The route goes through some of the most exciting places in Danish history. The stretch from Viborg through the plantations towards the beautiful area by Hald Sø and Dollerup Bakker forms a fantastic setting for some good chats about life."

Mols Bjerge Djursland
Photo: Nationalpark Mols Bjerge

Mols Bjerge Trail

"This 60-km marked hiking route in Mols Bjerge National Park winds through the Ice Age landscapes between Kalø and Ebeltoft. As a child, I used to have a collection of favourite things that I kept in a nice box. As an adult, I want to put the memory of a sunny day in Mols Bjerge in that box."

A stop near Sønderborg on the Baltic Sea Cycling Route in Denmark
Photo: Michael Fiukowski & Sarah Moritz

The Gendarme Path

"The Gendarme Path stretches from the Danish-German border at Padborg to Høruphav on Als and is a place I would like to hike soon. I imagine that it must be a great experience to follow in the footsteps of the border guards as they walked their regular routes along the steep slopes, through the mystical forests and along the flat beaches by the beautiful Flensburg Fjord."

The Langeland coastline in Denmark
Photo: Daniel Villadsen

The Archipelago Trail

"I love moving slowly. There is not often time for that in everyday life, so for me there is something luxurious and strangely satisfying about a slower pace. The 220 km-long Archipelago Trail would give you time to wander slowly and take time to breathe and look around you. The footpath winds through salt marshes, coves and bays, over distinctive hills and cosy small towns in the archipelago of South Fyn."


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