SUP stand up paddleboarding in Klitmøller, Denmark

Explore Stand-Up Paddleboarding in Denmark

Photo: Mette Johnsen

What'SUP!? Denmark is a paradise for stand-up paddleboarding fans! With our beautiful coastline, calm fjords, and charming lakes, there's a perfect spot for every paddler. Find our recommendations and tips for your SUP adventure in Denmark below.

The best SUP spots in Denmark

The Langeland coastline in Denmark
Photo: Daniel Villadsen

The South Fyn Archipelago

Fyn and the surrounding islands are the perfect destination for water sports. You can paddle practically everywhere - in harbours and marinas, on lakes, in bays, on the sea, and on rivers. The perfect SUP tour in the UNESCO Global Geopark of the South Fyn Archipelago starts from Rudkøbing Harbour on the island of Langeland and ends on the small island of Strynø, welcoming you with charming island life and tasty local ice cream. You've earned it after your active trip!

Wadden Sea in Denmark
Photo: ELS Production

Fanø in the Wadden Sea

Take your paddle board to Fanø – a small island with a big heart. The island's 16 km long sandy beach is a great place for fun wind and speed games. On the board or off, you can explore the impressive Wadden Sea National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site connecting the area, or dive into the local island culture. 

Denemarken vakantie? Ontdek deze mooiste outdoor bestemmingen
Photo: Lasse Torp

Juelsminde in Kystlandet

The atmospheric harbour town of Juelsminde is located in an area of East Jutland that we call "coastal land". And for good reason! Juelsminde is surrounded by water and beautiful sandy beaches almost everywhere you turn. Paddle out to the tip of the distinctive Bjørnsknude reef, where two seas meet. From there, you can enjoy quite a unique view over Fyn, the islands of Endelave and Samsø, and Vejle Fjord.


From Hammerhavn to "the Camel Heads" in Bornholm

From the small beach of Hammerhavn (Hammer Harbour), you can paddle out through the harbour entrance and head south towards the rock formation Kamelhovederne - the so-called "Camel Heads". Along the trip, encounter some of Denmark's most beautiful and dramatic nature; cliffs towering more than ten metres high and sea caves inviting for a paddling detour. Oh, and you can even spot Northern Europe's largest castle ruin, Hammershus, from the water.

Copenhagen's Canals
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen, Copenhagen Media Center

Copenhagen Harbour

Get a unique paddling experience through Copenhagen’s canals among small boats, kayaks, yellow harbour buses, and, well, locals and visitors taking a dip. Enjoy the buzzing urban life in what has become Copenhagen's blue park, one of the city’s preferred recreational areas. Experience award-winning architecture, historical buildings, and generally good vibes - all from your paddleboard.

SUP during the WATERZ festival in Hvide Sande, Denmark
Photo: John Carter Photography - WATERZ

Hvide Sande on the West Coast

At Hvide Sande, you can try your hand at the crashing waves of the North Sea. If you're already an experienced paddler, check out SUP Wave! If you still need a little help on the board, the local surf school is happy to get you started with good tips, tricks and the right equipment. Hvide Sande is also the location of Scandinavia's biggest water sports festival WATERZ, which takes place every year in September - and is just another great reason to visit!

Kayak in Himmerland, Denmark
Photo: Daniel Villadsen

Løgstør in Himmerland

Push off and slide out on the water to become one with nature in Himmerland. Enjoy the calm around you and experience the impressive views that are guaranteed, no matter where your paddle tour starts! We suggest heading off from Løgstør with a view of the Viking ring fortress Aggersborg - the newest of Denmark's UNESCO World Heritage sites - or at Mariager Fjord overlooking the beautiful landscape at Bramslev Bakker.

Bathing lake De små fisk in Silkeborg, Denmark
Photo: Bo Nørgaard - Silkeborg Kommune

Forest lake Brassø in the Lake District Søhøjlandet

Glide on your paddleboard through the crystal clear waters of Brassø, part of the Silkeborg Lakes, in Denmark's outdoor capital Silkeborg. Experience the unique nature where Denmark's longest river, Gudenåen, runs through and where the world's oldest still operating paddle steamer - the historic Hjejlen - slowly moves through the idyllic landscapes.

Den Gamle Lillebæltsbro (Little Belt bridge) connecting the cities of Middelfart and Fredericia, Denmark
Photo: © Lillebæltsbro (1935) - Anker Engelund. Photo: Daniel Villadsen

Lillebælt in the Heart of Jutland

Enjoy the panoramic view while paddling in Denmark's largest nature park - you might even spot porpoises! Along the beautiful coastline, you can hunt for fossils before you end the day at Øster Strand, the beach with the most beautiful view over Lillebælt (the Little Belt). If you're up for more activity - and not afraid of heights, make sure to go for a Bridge Walking tour at Den Gamle Lillebæltsbro.


Det Blå Rum at Fuglsang Lake in Herning

Det Blå Rum - which literally means "the Blue Room" - is a relaxing outdoor space for everyone who is up for water and nature activities! Facilities include bathing piers, boat and kayak spots, saunas with a view, a fire pit, and so much more. When you hop off your board, you can also visit Løvbakke Dyrehave, where deers roam freely, and explore the beautiful, varied nature with heather hills, grasslands and forests.

SUP at Stevns Klint, South Zealand
Photo: Mads Tolstrup - Visit Sydsjælland & Møn

Rødvig in South Zealand

With a blooming local SUP and surfing community, Rødvig in Stevns is the perfect starting point for a SUP trip in South Zealand. From there, you can paddle along Stevns Klint, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This site is not only a beautiful natural backdrop from the water but also offers lots of cultural experiences on land, such as the Cold War museum and the interactive Stevns Klint Experience centre showcasing immersive stories about the time when dinosaurs roamed the area.

Island of Egholm in Limfjord, North Jutland
Photo: Frederik Sørensen

Limfjord in North Jutland

Explore the Limfjord and its beautiful surroundings as you paddle around the charming island of Egholm. From the Limfjord, you can enjoy panoramic views of both Nørresundby and Aalborg, where cultural heritage and modern city life meet in a picturesque setting.

Man stand up paddling at Lynæs in North Zealand
Photo: Cornelius Ledang

Lynæs Surfcenter in North Zealand

Come and experience the good vibes at Lynæs Surfcenter! No matter what you're up for, you'll find it here - a trip in the water, a burger in the bar, Instagrammable accommodation or simply a fine cup of coffee. It's also the perfect spot to try out water spots for the first time. Or if you just want to enjoy the sun, surf vibes and cold drinks in the shade. Well, now you only need to decide if you'd like to stay for a day or two, or three...

SUP in South Jutland, Denmark
Photo: Destination Sønderjylland

Gendarmestien in South Jutland

Glide quietly through the clear water and let yourself be captivated by the historic landscapes. Experience nature and history as you follow in the footsteps of the old border guards. An unforgettable experience awaits you along the coast of Southern Jutland, where you can also enjoy the sight of the majestic Sønderborg Castle, an impressive symbol of the region's history and beauty.

SUP at Marielyst beach in Lolland-Falster
Photo: Visit Lolland-Falster

Marielyst Beach on Lolland-Falster

The 20 km long white sandy beach at Marielyst is not only one of the most beloved beach destinations in Denmark, it also welcomes you to fantastic active trips in, on and around the water! Discover nature and wildlife in Bøtø bird reserve or local culture, foodie spots and real summer atmosphere in the cosy 150-year-old seaside town of Marielyst.


The Blue Lagoon on Mors, Limfjord

Take your SUP board with you to discover Denmark's very own blue lagoon! The Blue Lagoon on Mors, near Ejerslev Havn, is known for its clear water and beautiful surroundings, and it attracts both locals and visitors looking for a calm and scenic experience. Whether you are an experienced paddler or a new beginner, this hidden gem on the island of Mors offers a unique opportunity to combine tranquility, adventure and natural beauty.


Vandet Lake in Thy National Park

Explore Thy National Park from your paddleboard as you glide over the water in the scenic Vandet Lake. From the floating bridge you get a fantastic view of the clear water, you can enjoy birds chirping and feel the wind in your hair while discovering the beautiful surroundings. With its calm, flat water, the lake is the perfect location for beginners and experienced paddlers alike. Here, you can hone your skills before trying your hand at the strong waves of the North Sea.

SUP in Vigen Strandpark, Roskilde Fjord in Denmark
Photo: Sarah Green - VisitFjordlandet

Vigen Strandpark in Roskilde Fjord

Explore Roskilde Fjord on a paddling adventure starting from the beautiful Vigen Strandpark. From here you can enjoy stunning panoramic views of Roskilde city, home to UNESCO World Heritage site Roskilde Cathedral and the impressive Viking ships at the Viking Ship Museum.

SUP - West Zealand
Photo: Jannes Drop

Westcoast of Zealand

The calm waters along the west coast of Zealand present the perfect conditions for a ride on your paddle board. Just a stone's throw from the UNESCO-listed Trelleborg Viking Castle is the Halskov Ferry Port - an ideal place to start your SUP trip. Just after a few meters, a 180-degree view of the open sea and the Great Belt Bridge appears in front of you.  


Safety guidelines for your SUP adventure

When stand-up paddling, it is essential to be aware of certain safety elements. With the following 5 basic rules, we want to help you have a safe trip on the water.

  1. ALWAYS use a leash that connects you to the board.
  2. Remember to wear a life jacket or personal flotation device (PFD) - it's illegal to paddle without one.
  3. Bring your phone along in a waterproof bag.
  4. Don't go onto the water alone and inform someone where you will be going and when you expect to return.
  5. ALWAYS check wind and weather conditions before going out. Do not go offshore if you are a beginner or only slightly experienced.

Experience the world's best surfers in Copenhagen 

Our SUP guide is developed in close relationship with Surf & SUP Denmark, the national governing body for surfing and SUP, who will host the World SUP Championship in Copenhagen from September 16-22, 2024. Everybody is invited to join the event, as the host will organise a huge paddle festival with lots of side activities. This includes the mass-participation event, Copenhagen SUP, which will give you the opportunity to paddle around Copenhagen harbour and experience the vibrant city from the waterside. Get to know more about Copenhagen SUP here.

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