Embrace the Danish Winter like the Danes

Photo: Mette Johnsen

“You’ve reach Denmark. We’re not here right now, but leave a message and we’ll get back to you in March...” Kidding...sort of. To be honest, you’re visiting us in our peak hibernation period. But don’t worry, here are all the insider tips you’ll need for things to do in Denmark in winter!

Photo: Céline Au détour d’un chemin

Pretend you’re in the tropics

This is also what some might call being in complete denial. But it works! Do like the rest of us and escape from the cold by hiding out in our tropical oases. For instance, you might want to book a stay at Manon Les Suites or eat lunch in the tropical Winter Garden at the Glyptoketet museum. 

Child in front of Denmark's oldest bakery, Conditori La Glace
Photo: La Glace PR Photo

Fill your face with cake

Did you know we have a cake for practically every occasion? If you're visiting in February, get your hands on a Fastelavnsbolle, a seasonal cream-filled bun that's sold around this time of year. Don't forget, filling your face with various cakes is also vital – you need that little extra padding, it makes it easier to embrace the cold weather. 

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen - Copenhagen Media Center

Show off your moves in an ice rink

Slip on a pair of skates and start showing off your best moves like you're auditioning for Dancing on Ice. We promise it’ll get some warmth back into you. If not, you simply need to add a cup of hot chocolate to the mix. See you on the rink!

Pair your smørrebrød with craft beer and snaps at Øl & Brød in Copenhagen
Photo: Thomas Høyrup Christensen - Copenhagen Media Center

Mend a sore throat with our local aquavit

We're not going to lie, Denmark can be rather cold in winter, and most of us end up with a bit of a sore throat at some point. An easy way to keep warm and mend it is with a shot of our local aquavit, snaps. It's a rather strong spirit that we love to pair with some of our famous open-faced sandwiches. Strictly for medicinal purposes of course...

Photo: SMK - National Gallery of Denmark

Catch up on culture

We have quite a rich history. So rich in fact that most of us can't even retell half of it. We're quite certain, you'll enjoy spending an afternoon at a museum on a cold winter's day just as much as we do, uncovering our stories, history and culture. 


Cool down Viking-style!

If things are getting too hot as you wander through the museums, you might want to consider cooling down by embracing the waves like a true Viking. We also enjoy getting active by slapping on a wetsuit and surfing the waves at watersports hotspots like Cold Hawaii. 

The Nordic spa at Hotel Vejlefjord in Denmark
Photo: © www.hotelvejlefjord.dk

... Or just pretend you're into winter bathing

Don't worry if winter bathing isn't really your thing – how about getting comfy in a spa? If that's more your style, you're in luck, as we have some excellent spots. From Vejle Fjord in Jutland to Skodsborg Spa just outside of Copenhagen or AIRE Ancient Baths in the Carlsberg Byen district – you'll find a little winter luxury. Fancy soaking in a hot tub and watching the world go by instead? Hot Tub CPH have just the thing nestled on Refshaleøen. 


Get a good bargain on Danish design items

The beginning of the year can be summarised in one word: SALE. And thus, you can get your hands on some of our many design items at a bargain. This also comes in handy if you've packed too lightly and find yourself in need of an extra jumper.

Vakantiehuis aan zee? Boek vandaag nog jouw reis naar Denemarken
Photo: Thomas Høyrup Christensen

Take some well-deserved time off in a holiday home

Lastly, we'll let you in on one of our best-kept secrets. We Danes love to hide out in our holiday homes in winter (even though we call them "summer houses" in Danish). The areas with holiday cottages are the perfect places to disconnect and simply just be with your loved ones away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.