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Explore Denmark on a budget

Cheap holidays in Denmark

Think Denmark is expensive? It doesn't have to be! Denmark is actually an easy cheap holiday destination, perfect for budget travel. Read on to find ways to save money but not scrimp on fun on your holiday to Denmark.

Cheap eats in Denmark

Photo: Storms Pakhus - Odense Street Food

Copenhagen on a budget

Find out how you can experience the best of Copenhagen without breaking the bank.

Denmark's World Heritage Sites

Of Denmark's seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, five are totally free to visit!

Our top pick for Denmark's best free attractions

Great news! Many of our biggest and best attractions are completely free to see.

Walk along colourful Nyhavn

Hans Christian Andersen once lived at Denmark's most colourful attraction, Nyhavn harbour in Copenhagen. Right in the city centre, a stroll along the water here is a must on any trip to Denmark's capital city.

Climb the tower at the Parliament

Take in great views of Copenhagen from the tower of Christiansborg Palace, Denmark's parliament!

Meet the Little Mermaid

For over 100 years, The Little Mermaid has been sitting on her rock watching the world go by.

Watch the changing of the guards

Head to the royal palace, Amalienborg, and watch the changing of the Queen's guards.

The world's oldest amusement park

Just north of Copenhagen, you'll find the world's oldest amusement park, Bakken. It's free to enter!

Stroll through Denmark's prettiest towns

A visit to one of these pretty towns will fill up your camera, but not empty your bank account.

The white cliffs at Møn

Enjoy the view of Møn's dramatic white cliffs which are one of Denmark's most iconic landmarks.

Climb an enormous migrating dune

Head to the migrating dune of Råbjerg Mile and climb to the top for impressive coastal views.

The disappearing lighthouse

Visit Denmark's famous buried lighthouse at Rubjerg Knude and see before it disappears completely!

See Denmark's birth certificate

Denmark's history is etched onto the over 1000-year-old Viking rune stones in Jelling.