Cycling the Baltic Sea Cycle Route (N8) in Denmark

Photo: Robin Skjoldborg

This latest addition to Denmark’s nationwide cycle network takes you on an exhilarating and unforgettable island-hopping cycling adventure. The 820-kilometre N8 Route is Denmark's longest official cycle path, leading you alongside the dramatic Baltic Sea. 

Find your way along our Baltic Sea Cycle Route

Covering West and South Zealand, Møn, Lolland Falster, Fyn, Lillebælt and South Jutland, The Baltic Sea Cycle Route gives you the freedom to explore, at your leisure, our most diverse countryside: golden cornfields, rolling, windswept beaches, dark atmospheric woods and timeless Danish villages to take your breath away.

Each part of your journey will give you endless moments to reflect on your surroundings, to feel connected with the land and the sea and invigorate your spirit. Let the road be your guide as you experience nature and culture in perfect harmony. Discover stunning landscapes, indulge in world-class restaurants and relax in sumptuous but cosy accommodation, all close to dramatic coastline.

Whether you are an experienced or recreational cyclist, this clearly-signed and safe route offers a wholly-satisfying holiday experience. However you want to explore South Denmark, The Baltic Sea Cycle Route is all you need to find your way.

South Zealand and Møn: Find your way to our majestic cliffs

For 170 kilometres, the Baltic Sea Cycle Route stretches along the beautiful region of South Zealand and Møn. Along the way you will discover the finest accommodation, world-class restaurants and many well-known Danish attractions.

South Zealand and Møn is a safe cycling paradise for the whole family. The region boasts some of the most beautiful natural areas in Denmark. Discover a treasure trove of landscapes as long, winding roads carry you alongside the Baltic Sea coastline, close to fjords, through dense forests and over hilly terrain to the highest point of Møn. Where the land meets the sea, you can stop and marvel at the dramatic cliffs, from Møns Klint in the south to Stevns Klint in the north. 

As you find your way along this part of the N8, you will have many opportunities to sample the Danish way of living. Expect a warm and friendly welcome from each of the cosy hotels or rustic campsites that reside on this route. South Zealand offers a range of truly bike-friendly natural landscapes to discover at your own pace. Just make sure you stop regularly and often to soak up the stunning views.

Lolland-Falster: Find your way to dramatic monuments in our wildest nature

A quarter of The Baltic Sea Cycle Route goes through Lolland-Falster, known for historic manor landscapes, luxurious Bed & Breakfast overnight stays and locally-produced food experiences that will stimulate the senses and enrich the soul.

Find your way through the varied terrain that hugs the coast every inch of the route and showcases areas of outstanding natural beauty such as the nature parks at Maribo and Nakskov Fjord. Lolland-Falster claims some truly unique cycling experiences, including the longest bike path on a dyke just a few metres from some of the best beaches in Denmark.

Biking through Lolland-Falster gives you furthermore access to some of the “hidden” experiences such as “The Dodekalith” as well as the exotic islands; Femø, Fejø and Vejrø.

Fyn: Find your way to a sea of beautiful islands

The beautiful island of Fyn is a paradise for cycling fans. Here you can immerse yourself in an island kingdom all of its own, with over 100 small islands connected by ferries and more than 1,200 km of pure bike paths. You truly will feel as if you have stepped back in time, where you can leave your worries behind and enjoy every moment to the full.

From Langeland, head along the south coast, past historical castles and impressively-designed manors, decadent wineries and charming harbour towns. Along the way, take a break in the cafés and restaurants and enjoy the maritime atmosphere and delicious local specialties.

Special mention should be given to the view of the South Fyn Archipelago, the charming island of Ærø before you find your way along the south coast via Svendborg, then up via the romantic town of Nyborg in the east.

Lillebælt: Find Your Way to Ancient History and Maritime Splendour

For 96 km, the Baltic Sea Cycle Route eases you through the impossibly picturesque regions of KoldingFredericia and Middelfart.

Here the terrain can prove to be more challenging but it is still easily accessible, and all your hard work will be justly rewarded by the spectacle of Denmark's largest maritime nature park: Lillebælt Nature Park.

This part of the route truly sees ancient history come alive, with one of the largest and best preserved city walls in Northern Europe in Fredericia and Koldinghus, the last royal castle in Jutland, in Kolding. In Middlefart you will also have the opportunity to feel the wind and refreshing ocean spray on your face, bridgewalking 60 metres above the water. With a bit of luck, you will also see the porpoises that frolic in their thousands!

South Jutland: Find your way to forests and fjords by the North Sea

In South Jutland, the Baltic Sea Cycle Route takes you from the cathedral city of Haderslev in the north to the maritime town of Aabenraa and historic Sønderborg and from there onward to Fyn. On this exciting and varied course, you will discover lush beech forests and impressive fjords.

Here, Denmark meets the rest of Europe, which has left an indelible mark on the region's fascinating history and unique cultural heritage. If you are tempted to experience either the North Sea or the Baltic Sea, here in South Jutland the distance between the two coasts is so small that you can easily explore both regions on your cycling adventure.

As the waves roll across this majestic part of coastline, you will experience the ocean breeze on your back as you find your way along parts of Denmark that are UNESCO World Heritage listed for a truly breathtaking experience.

West Zealand: Find your way to the Great Belt Bridge and beyond

Travelling by bike is by far the best way to discover the beautiful west coast of Zealand, especially the rolling fields and long, sandy beaches.

From Korsør to Bisserup through Skælskør and Boeslunde, this part of the Baltic Sea Cycle Route winds for 42 kilometres through many picturesque villages, along the coast, the route lined on either side by ancient churches and castles. Must see places of interest include the stunning architectural beauty of the Great Belt Bridge, the fairy-tale, sixteenth-centry castle Borreby Herreborg or Guldagergaard, Northern Europe's largest ceramic studio.

Skælskør is also definitely worth a moment of your time, as it is a cosy little village with well-preserved old houses and farms. At the small harbor in the city centre, you can enjoy a delicious lunch or treat yourself to an ice cream while taking an exhilarating boat trip. Three kilometres from the centre you can dive into crystal clear ocean waters from the beautiful sandy Kobæk beach.

With its many cosy little towns, lush green forests and fjords shimmering with crystal clear water, the Baltic Sea Cycle Route is just the thing for connoisseurs who like to pause for a moment to enjoy countless beautiful views through what promises to be a magical cycling holiday.

Fast facts about the N8 Route

The Baltic Sea Cycle Route is around 820 km long and takes the shape of a figure eight (or the sign for 'infinity') through southern Denmark and the Baltic Sea islands. The loop crosses in Svendborg on south Fyn.

The Baltic Sea Cycle Route is an official national cycle path, marked continuously with the symbol "N8".

The route runs almost continuously right by the coast and on natural paths.

Over the course of the route, the N8 has five ferries and eight bridges.

Along the way, cyclists will find ample bed & bike accommodation, restaurants and eateries, bike shops and other activities such as cycling packages and luggage transport.