Saisonale Produkte an einem Straßenstand auf der Insel Langeland im dänischen Fünen

Denmark's best farm shops

Photo: Daniel Villadsen - Destination Fyn

Who needs a supermarket when you've got all of these? Denmark's roadside food stalls and farm shops are the number one place to find local produce - which, by the way, is also organic and sustainable. So take a drive and see what's out there!

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BaneGaarden and Aarstiderne farm shop in Copenhagen

Here in the middle of Copenhagen, you'll find a hidden farm and a farm shop to go with it. BaneGaarden is fast establishing itself as a centre of sustainability, and has a cafe, restaurant, meeting place and a special farm shop with beautiful kitchenwares and cook books for sale alongside the best local produce. 

Tothavens Hof und Hofladen in Dänemark
Photo: VisitNordsjælland

Tothavens farm shop

This traditional family farm is a stone's throw from the Baltic Sea in the village of Kikhavn north of Copenhagen. Its farm shop sells yogurt, goats cheese, and soap made from goat's milk and beeswax cream. Great for kids, you can also meet the farm's goats, ponies, donkeys, pigs, chicken, rabbits and dogs. 

Dänische Erdbeeren im Sommer
Photo: Ditte Ingemann

Stengården farm shop

Denmark's largest organic farm shop is in North Zealand, around half an hour north of Copenhagen, and was named Denmark's best farm shop in 2020. What to expect? Fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs and beef from their own fields as well as a large selection of organic products from selected manufacturers.

Friends on a farm visit on Funen.
Photo: Niclas Jessen

Aarstiderne farm shop

At Aarstiderne's farm shop in Humlebæk, you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, dairy products, wine and beer on site. Depending on the season, small dishes and Danish specialties are also offered, such as "kransekage" for New Year's Eve and "fastelavnsboller".


​​​​​​​Birkemosegaard farm shop

Birkemosegaard on Sjællands Odde has been in the family for four generations and specialises in organic and biodynamic farming. The associated farm shop sells seasonal fruit and vegetables, meat, milk, wine, juice, jam and much more, all from their own farm or other farms in the area.

Saisonale Produkte an einem Straßenstand auf der Insel Langeland im dänischen Fünen
Photo: Daniel Villadsen - Destination Fyn

Skovsgaard café and farm shop

Skovsgaard cafe and farm shop is on the island of Langeland and focuses on organic, self-sufficiency and seasonal ingredients. You can enjoy the food on site in the café or visit the farm shop and buy the products to take home. How about a pesto made from kale and parsley or a home-brewed spelt beer? 


Rævhede Naturprodukte

Rævhede, close to Aalborg, specialises entirely in regional game products. Its farm shop sells wild boar pate, leg of venison or venison fillet and plenty of other options ideal to take away. 


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Organic Eateries App in the App Store

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