Øl beer sign outside a bar in  Vesterbro, Copenhagen, Denmark

Skål! Discover Danish beer in Denmark's local breweries

We Danes love beer. Lucky for us, Denmark is known worldwide for its tasty and high-quality beer. What you might not know: Denmark’s breweries are not all as big as Carlsberg and Tuborg. There are also a vast number of smaller breweries behind this great beer-soaked nation.

Copenhagen hygge at bar meet the danes

There are over 100 microbreweries in Denmark with their own production facilities. Add to that the twelve larger, classic breweries, with Carlsberg at the top, and you can see how Denmark has become one of the most important beer-producing countries in the world.

There is nowhere else on the planet where you can find such a wide range of quality beer, relative to country size and population. No matter where you are in Denmark, you are never more than 30 kilometers from the nearest brewery. Tip: our beers pair well with traditional Danish food!

Denmark's best breweries

Join us on a bar crawl focused on Denmark’s famous brew, where you can watch the brewers at work and make a taste test on site. A quick language lesson: "Skål!" is “Cheers!" in Danish.