People eating in the greenhouse room at Gemyse Tivoli in Copenhagen

10 of Denmark's best vegetarian & vegan restaurants

There's much more to Denmark's cuisine than pork and herring. Our lush green produce and seriously tasty plant-based food will have you coming back for more...

Vegan and vegetarian food in Denmark

There is a growing list of restaurants offering vegan and vegetarian options on their menus, along with speciality eateries that focus just on plant-based food. As you might expect, they are easier to find in major cities than out in coastal and countryside areas.

To help you out, wherever you travel, the Vegetarian Society of Denmark provides a full map of all the restaurants in the country that serve at least three vegetarian dishes. And if you're self-catering, it's good to know that Denmark's supermarkets generally have a really good range of organic produce, vegan and vegetarian foods to choose from. 

Read on for a few of the country's best places to eat your greens.

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