Buy unique ceramics at Inge Vincents, Jægerborgggade

The best Danish pottery and ceramics

Photo: Visit Copenhagen

Our creative spirit and love of interior design comes together in Danish ceramics. Up and down the country you can find workshops where you can make your own handmade pottery, browse beautiful creations and be inspired. Here's just a few to get started. Now fire up the kiln!

Welcome to the best of Danish ceramics

What could be a more perfect souvenir from a stay in design-mad Denmark than your own piece of handmade pottery? Whether you're looking for a work of art or a mug, there's plenty of inspiration at hand and a huge number of studios to visit and explore, everywhere from Copenhagen to North Jutland, and especially on the island of Bornholm, our official capital of ceramics.

Tasja P. Ceramics
Photo: Tasja Pulawska

Tasja P. Ceramics - Copenhagen

At Tasja P. Ceramics in Nørrebro in Copenhagen, you can buy beautiful and handmade ceramics with great details. She's one of the trendiest ceramicists in town. 

Royal Copenhagen ceramics
Photo: Morten Bjarnhof, Copenhagen Media Center

Royal Copenhagen Ceramics Workshop - Copenhagen

Royal Copenhagen offers a unique opportunity to hand-paint their porcelain with their own well-known blue paint. At the workshop, you will be trained by skilled porcelain painters who will show you how to paint on cups or dishes. Royal Copenhagen is the gold standard for beautiful Danish tableware, so it's a treat indeed to learn from the best!

Inge Vincents, Ceramics
Photo: Visit Copenhagen

Inge Vincents - Copenhagen

Ceramist Inge Vincents has her own workshop and shop in the hipster street Jægerborggade in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. Here you can buy beautiful, unique and handmade ceramics in bright colours and unique shapes.

Ceramics Studio Arhoj, Copenhagen
Photo: Copenhagen Mediacenter

Studio Arhoj, Copenhagen

At Studio Arhoj you will find quirky and beautiful ceramics that express the visual relationship between Scandinavian minimalism and traditional Japanese culture. In the shop, you can also watch them glaze and fire ceramics.

MK Studio Ceramics, Copenhagen
Photo: Tim Staugaard

MK Studio, Copenhagen

As seen in The New York Times,  this is a place to check out colourful and functional high quality Danish. The products sold here are seen in all the best places...the team here make ceramics for Michelin restaurants and cafes, among others.

Langsamt Ler Ceramic
Photo: Johanne Heede Kjærum

Langsamt Ler - Roskilde

Langsamt Ler is a sustainable store started by a mother and daughter, where the mother is a ceramicist and makes fantastic products. If you feel creative, you can also create your own artwork and buy porcelain clay, which they will then fire for you. It's an easy day trip to Roskilde by train from Copenhagen, taking under 30 minutes.

Karoline Illum, Sondrup BB
Photo: Karoline Illum

Karoline Illum, Sondrup Bakker

The ceramicist Karoline Illum lives in idyllic surroundings surrounded by forest in Sondrup Bakker. In addition to running a B&B, she has a workshop where you can visit and see her work, as well as buy ceramics at home. A couple of times a year she holds workshops where you can explore your creativity and make cups, sculptures and bowls.

Clay Museum in Middelfart, Fyn
Photo: Michael Fiukowski & Sarah Moritz

CLAY - Fyn

On the island of Fyn, you will find the CLAY Museum of Ceramic Art Denmark, which is the Nordic region's largest specialist museum on the subject of ceramic arts, crafts and design. Here you can experience modern works and follow the development of ceramics through the centuries.

Keramikcafé Møllehusets in Lønstrup
Photo: VisitNordvestkysten

Møllerhuset's Ceramics Cafe

This charming café has its own ceramics workshop, garden and views of Vennebjerg's beautiful mill. Enjoy a good coffee with a cup produced on site. If you want to continue sightseeing, Møllehuset is only 2km from the unique lighthouse, Rubjerg Knude.

Paint your own ceramics, Creative Space
Photo: Daniel Rasmussen, Copenhagen Media Center

Creative Space - Aarhus, Copenhagen and Odense

At Creative Space you can paint on ceramics, rather than make them. This popular place offers no less than 300 different types of pottery such as cups, bowls and dishes, so there is plenty to choose from. It's an easy and fun experience for friends, couples and the whole family.

Hjorts Keramik Fabrik
Photo: Destination Bornholm

Hjorths Ceramics Factory - Bornholm

At Hjorths Ceramics Factory, part of Bornholm Museum, you can turn your own ceramics. So if you are on the idyllic island of Bornholm, take the family on a trip to the museum and round it off with a unique and creative experience and a special souvenir to take home. 

Keramoda in Lønstrup
Photo: Lønstrup Turistbureau

Keramoda, Northwest Jutland

Keramoda is in the beautiful coastal town of Lønstrup. Here, you can enjoy the atmosphere of creativity and art either by following the process from start to finish in the workshop or just eat a meal at the café. 

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