Two people standup paddling in Klitmøller, North Jutland

How to indulge your passions in Denmark


Take a little bit of Denmark home with you

And no, we're not talking about a tin of butter cookies or the free shower cap from the hotel. We're talking about your insides! Because what's the fun in coming to Denmark and going back to normal life afterwards without being just a little bit changed by the experience?

For Memory Collectors

Vintage. Secondhand. Reused. Recycled. It's not shopping in charity shops, it's a little bit 'circular economy' and a little bit exploring...and the joy of doing it in Denmark is that you never know what long-forgotten treasure you might find.

For Adventurous Spirits

Get your adrenaline racing and your blood pumping with an adventure tour. Given that we're surrounded by water, a lot of them feature kayaking, surfing, swimming, kite surfing and boat trips. Dive on in and find out more...

For Time Travellers

You don't need a time machine for this one, just a ticket to Denmark. From stone age men discovered in bogs to the fearsome Vikings, architects who have changed the world and so much more, a trip through Danish history will blow your mind.

Bring out your inner Viking

Are you wild about the Vikings? Do you long to dress up as one, sail a boat like one or live in a camp like one? You know what, you're in exactly the right place...

Fall in love with architecture

Clean lines and beautiful finishes. Playful and human-focused. Designed for life and for living. Danish buildings tell a story of the nation.

The art of being Danish

Delve into the light and dark of the Skagen painters, the art of the Golden Age and the country's rock'n'roll music heritage right here.

For Taste Explorers

Maybe you love herring, or have an unquenchable thirst for snaps. Perhaps you're a champion hot dog eater, or want to learn to make Danish pastries from the experts. Either way, strap on your explorer boots and bring your stretchiest trousers, your inner foodie is about to have the time of its life!

Explore the people and places behind the plates

Photo: Matteo Acitelli

For Soul Seekers

Take it slow and steady and enjoy a vacation that transforms your thinking and your relationship with the world. You don't have to wear lycra for this one but it helps (apart from, oops, our first option here...)


Really connect to Danish nature at these naturist beaches and camp sites.


Do a downward dog in Denmark on the beach, at a studio or even with a cow.

Running guide

Pack your trainers and see how you rank against Denmark's keen runners.

Stand up paddle

Or relax on a paddleboard, cruising calm waters and city canals at your own pace.

For Shot Takers

Our little kingdom is full of everyday wonders, waiting to be captured. Just have a look at some of the close to one million fabulous photos shared by Danes and visitors on #visitdenmark to get you in the mood. And when you're here, there are a range of Instawalks that you can tag along on and get to know local photographers.

For Literature Lovers

Find inspiration in Denmark, where stories come alive. We call ourselves 'The Land of Everyday Wonder' and we're packed with fairytale motifs, from unicorns to mermaids, ugly ducklings, and real-life princes and princesses. kissing our frogs, OK? 👑

Fairy-tale kingdom

Mr Hans Christian Andersen is the ultimate king of fairytales and hails from Odense. Come and walk his streets in search of tin soldiers, little mermaids, snow queens and more.

Karen Blixen's home

Just out of Copenhagen you'll find the Out of Africa author's delightful home. Full of flowers, music and inspiration, she lived and wrote here for many years, her head full of ideas of Africa.

Read all about it

Want to get the inside track on how to be Danish, how to cook like a Dane, how to bring your children up Danishly and how to be as happy as Lars? You can guarantee there's a book all about it...