Danish Vikings

West Zealand culture and heritage

Artistic heritage

The special light on the exposed Odsherred peninsula has always attracted many artists. You can see their work at a great selection of galleries and exhibitions in the area. The Painters' Farm (Malergården) is the former home of local artist Sigurd Swane and his family, near Plejerup, and is open to the public as a museum.

Glass collections

High above Isefjorden, you can experience Northern Europe's largest collection of glass from antiquity to the present day, the Anneberg Collections. At West Zealand's Art Museum in Sorø, you’ll find a wonderful collection of Danish art from 1700 to the present.

Walk with history

History ripples across West Zealand. At The River Moor (Åmosen) many exceptional Stone Age finds have been discovered. At Trundholm Moor, a unique Sun Chariot from the bronze age was discovered. The Vikings left their marks around Isefjorden and near Trelleborg, outside Slagelse, where you can walk in their footsteps around the well-preserved ring fortress and its museum.


You can visit many, grand castles and manor houses on West Zealand, such as Dragsholm near Fårevejle, with a knights' hall, ghosts and spooky dungeon. The Earl of Bothwell was imprisoned here for five years.

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