Nyhavn - Kim Wyon

Danish Culture, Work-Life Balance, and Sustainability

Denmark is often cited for its social values, sustainability, creativity, and work-life balance. It's how we like to live and we love to share it with visitors! Hygge's a big part of it, for sure, but it's also about our everyday lives: cycling to and from work, having plenty of time for coffee and cake with family and friends, indulging our creative sides, and taking care of our communities and environment. Copenhagen, for instance, aims to be carbon neutral by 2025, and Denmark at large has many award-winning museums, restaurants, and businesses that are sharing the Danish way with the world. 

Sustainable Copenhagen

Copenhagen is known around the world as a green, eco-friendly city that values sustainability and a comfortable and responsible life.

Take a Harbour Swim

Take a dip in the many centrally-located harbour baths. Start the day with a refreshing dip at the vibrant Copenhagen waterfront.

Cargo bikes

Danish Bike Design

Danish Design is known for more than chairs and lamps! Learn about types of Danish bikes and why Danes prefer to cycle to get around. 

BLOX in Copenhagen

The Art of Design

Check out the most stunning Danish architecture to see in Denmark, from The Blue Planet to the newly-opened BLOX complex. 

Louisiana Museum Denmark

Top Museums in Denmark

Old and new, Avante Garde and classic, here are Denmark's best museums. 

Music festival NorthSide Denmark

The Best Music Festivals in Denmark

See why Denmark rocks and find out which festivals fit your tastes and schedule when visiting Denmark.