Getting the basics right

Plan your trip the greenest way possible with our links to hotels, restaurants and transport that have the green seal of approval. It's actually harder to make a decision that's bad for the environment than a good one!

Inspirational and sustainable

Some other ideas to help on your journey to sustainability with a side order of fun: Take long trips rather than short breaks. Travel slowly. Pack less. Buy less. Spend time in nature. Come camping in Denmark. And explore a few of these great ideas too...

Why not travel in the off season?

Our peak season for travel is June and July, so if you plan a trip here at any other time of year, you'll be making a difference.

Cherry Blossoms Bispebjerg Cemetery, Copenhagen


Heartland Festival at Egeskov Castle Denmark
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Black Sun at the Wadden Sea National Park
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A wintry road in Fjerritslev, North Jutland
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How green can you go?

Consider this a challenge from us to you...

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