The old railroad on Amager in Copenhagen

Sustainable travel in Denmark

Bäume im Mols Bjerge Nationalpark, Dänemark

The joy of going green

It's all about hedonistic sustainability here in Denmark. Hedonistic what? That's the belief held by Danish starchitect Bjarke Ingels that being sustainable doesn't have to mean sacrificing a good time. We second that notion. Read on to see just how much fun you can have going green in Denmark.

On your bike!

We know that you know that we love to cycle. With innovative cycle bridges, cargo bikes for all the family (including the dog) and safe cycle paths, it's nearly always more fun to cycle. Don't ask us how we feel about commuting by bike in November though...

High energy solutions

It's like something from a sci-fi fantasy: a ski slope on the top of one of the world's most efficient waste-to-energy plants in the heart of Copenhagen. It's Denmark's first skiing destination and manages to put the fun into function, which is quite an achievement in itself.

The EU's most sustainable island

Bornholm, Denmark's sunniest island, was voted the EU's most sustainable island in 2020 (another of our islands, Samsø , came second). A mixture of beautiful landscapes, clean beaches, local food initiatives and authenticity is what makes the island truly special.

Stay in the great outdoors

Photo: VisitFyn - Mette Johnsen

Getting the basics right

Plan your trip the greenest way possible with our links to hotels, restaurants and transport that have the green seal of approval. It's actually harder to make a decision that's bad for the environment than a good one!

Green places to stay

Look for Denmark's Green Key label to find hotels, hostels and more, all certified as sustainable.

Where to eat your greens

From Michelin-starred restaurants to cosy cafes, there are plenty of places to follow a plant-based diet in Denmark.

Public transport options

Before you rent a car, stop and think if there is an alternative. Public transport might just be it...

Adventurous and good for the planet

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen / Copenhagen Media Center

Inspirational and sustainable

Some other ideas to help on your journey to sustainability with a side order of fun: Take long trips rather than short breaks. Travel slowly. Pack less. Buy less. Spend time in nature. Come camping in Denmark. And explore a few of these great ideas too...

The great outdoors

Denmark is full of awesome nature experiences, from the tall waves of Cold Hawaii to the cliffs of Møns Klint, the shifting sands of Rubjerg Knude and the forests where trolls lurk. Inspiring and good for the planet.

Eco shopping options

Buy less, buy things that last and buy second hand. Denmark is awash with second hand stores, vintage boutiques and weekend flea markets. You never know what Danish design treasure you might uncover...

A sustainable city break

Discover the secrets of Copenhagen's green lifestyle, where local chefs harvest mussels in the city centre harbour, restaurants have their own farms and cycling is more than a mode of transport - it's a way of life.

Take the plunge and make a splash!

Odense, Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg are blessed with a great way to get under the skin of Danish culture and enjoy a sustainable lifestyle. Just pack your trunks and you too could be swimming in our clean harbour swimming pools AKA harbour baths. Some maniacs even do it in winter!

11 way to go green like a Dane

How do everyday Danes add sustainability to their daily lives? You may well ask. From party clean-ups to afternoons kayaking on the water, treasure hunts for scrap wood sculptures and clever food ordering services that avoid food waste, there are so many ways to go green like a Dane.

Don't miss the trolls!

Photo: Thomas Dambo