Girl in Rold Forest in autumn

Treat yourself to some room to breathe

The floating shelter "Havhytten" is located off the coast at Hvide Klint in North Zealand, just an hour from Copenhagen

How to escape a world that never turns off

We're here to help you turn your FOMO into JOMO (The Joy of Missing Out). Because we all know that being connected to everything all the time is bad. But it's not always easy to make the break. Luckily for you, Denmark's tiny. And full of easy-to-get-into nature, beautiful beaches and quiet islands. So get ready to fill up your soul bucket!

Only in Denmark: Cow Yoga!

Photo: Ole Eskling/Camp Møns Klint

Human charging stations you can hide out in

We didn't come up with that term by the way, but we do love it. It totally sums up why you might like to snuggle up under a duvet in a treehouse. Or into a sleeping bag under star-studded canvas. So pack light, and nod off to the sound of silence.

Tents in the trees

World's most accessible wilderness? Probably! And there are loads of spots where you can just pitch your tent and sleep under the heavens, like Thy National Park (pictured).

Shelters with a view

Denmark is dotted with design shelters, which bring you right out into the calming bosom of nature but with a roof over your head. Here's our pick of Denmark's most picturesque shelters.

Luxury treehouse hotels

Comfort and Danish design in the tranquility of nature... No wonder Denmark's tree-top cabins are a popular way to unwind and really get away from it all.

The calming power of starlight

We're lucky to have Ruslan Merzlyakov (@astrorms), previous Astronomy Photographer of the Year, right here capturing the stunning skyscapes of Denmark at night. Keep your eyes peeled here for an upcoming guide to Denmark's best star-gazing locations, including Denmark's Dark Sky Park on Møn.

Far from the Madding Crowd

Forget days and days of travel on bumpy roads to get truly away from it all. Our two most far-flung destinations are not actually that far from anything at all! So you can top up your joie de vivre on a short break and come back again and again for more. You could even do it on a bike!

The Sand-swept North

Buried churches and shifting dunes are your backdrop for contemplation in North Jutland.

Island escape: Bornholm

Hidden far out in the Baltic sea, Bornholm is one of Europe’s best islands to escape to.

Digital detox in the city

According to people who know what they're talking about (i.e. not us), the definition of nature is evolving. Nature can be any green space that benefits the world and the people in it. Good that our cities are stuffed full of green then! Here are some ideas for where to reset your mental buttons in Copenhagen.


Floating islands in the city

This is a parkipelago! You can get out to Copenhagen's unique urban islands by boat. Consider renting a GoBoat, quiet little electric boats, perfect for a green urban escape.

Did you know...

When you have access to green spaces, also urban ones, you're more likely to recycle, use bikes instead of cars and volunteer in green projects!

Copenhagen's 12 best parks and gardens

From ruined citadels to hidden rose gardens, Copenhagen has enough green to give everyone a proper happiness boost.

How Danes disconnect

Everyday life can be pretty full on. Even here in one of the happiest countries in the world! That's why Danes, regardless of the season, retreat to holiday houses around Denmark to rest, recharge and remember what it's all about. And what is it all about, you might ask? You'll just have to try it for yourself to answer that one!

Create your own little pocket of calm

Photo: Semko Balcerski/Destination Bornholm