World's Happiest Country? 12 ways you can get happy in Denmark

If you head to one of the world's happiest countries, will some of that happiness rub off on you? You’ll have to come to Denmark to find out! The World Happiness Report has repeatedly named Denmark as the happiest country on Earth. Some researchers claim that Danes are born a bit happier than other people. Whether or not Danes have a built-in happiness gene, their contentment grows out of a number of things which you too can experience when you visit Denmark. From meeting ordinary Danes to noticing our cheery electrical sockets, here are 12 ways you can get happy in Denmark.

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Quick Tips for Getting Happy

1. Plan a vacation
(This can make you happy!)

2. Come to Denmark
(One of the world's happiest countries!)

3. Hunt for hygge
(A way of living that makes you happy!)

4. Try all the things in this article
(It's packed with semi-scientific happy!)

5. Take some happiness home with you
(Or stay.)