Smørrebrød, Bacon, Hyper-local gastronomy, and everything in between

Denmark: A Nordic Foodie Paradise

Punching well above its weight for a country of under six million inhabitants, Denmark is a culinary destination known world-wide. The country is home to the New Nordic movement, which prizes seasonality and respect for local, high-quality ingredients, so it’s no surprise Denmark boasts 31 Michelin Stars and 26 star-studded restaurants to choose from. And thankfully, this philosophy extends to the vibrant street food scene where you can try foods of all sorts without breaking the bank. Denmark is truly a foodie’s paradise.

Food in Copenhagen: An Insider's Guide

Take a tour of the Copenhagen food scene with Mad About Copenhagen. 

Craft Beer in Copenhagen

Among beer aficionados, Denmark was known more as a beer-loving country than a beer producing country, that could not be further from the truth today.