Denmark Instagrammed: The Road Les Traveled

On her trip to Copenhagen blogger Lesley Murphy from The Road Les Traveled found it easy to combine her love for sweets, fun and photography.

#Cphbiking in style

"The Danish people have an undying love for bikes! I love this for many reasons, but mostly because it combines my love for exercise and being environmentally friendly. I can't lie - I was a bit apprehensive to get on a bike in a busy city such as Copenhagen, especially all alone, but I went with the Go Bike that has a navigation system and electric motor for assistance...basically a smart bike. I travel a lot, so home for me is everywhere and nowhere! I'll definitely be scoping out more of these babies in big city streets." 

Ready for the royal treatment at #Kingsgarden

"The King's Garden made me want to have on a ball gown and heels, not black jeans and flannel, I'll tell you that much! Manicured and vibrant, the garden was the perfect spot to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. I was so exhausted from walking around the city all day, and I stumbled upon this green space. After a short break, I ended up spending entirely too much time photographing the space. Not the relaxation I was looking for, but my camera and I just couldn't help it!"

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Lesley Murphy

According to Lesley Murphy, adventure is becoming more luxurious, and luxury more adventurous. On her blog The Road Les Traveled Lesley embraces sophisticated adventure travel and takes you on authentic trips to unique destinations with an array of activities at your doorstep. Lesley went to Copenhagen in July. 

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