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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The next Nordic foodie trail – top-chef seaside restaurants
Copenhagen has fast become one of Europe’s culinary capitals. But some of the nation’s most inspiring culinary destinations, headed by some of Denmark’s most celebrated chefs, are located in pristine coastal nature or in seaside towns along Denmark’s wide-open coast. Welcome to the next Nordic foodie trail!

Nordic revival
Twice featured on the front cover of Time Magazine in the last couple of years, Denmark’s most celebrated chef, René Redzepi, has put Nordic cuisine on the menu and brought world attention to the flavours and textures of foraged produce from the Scandinavian wilderness. In 2012, Leisure + Travel magazine hailed Copenhagen as ‘Europe’s Best City for Foodies’ – and for good reason. Alumni from Redzepi’s headline-making restaurant Noma in Copenhagen have opened inspired eateries citywide, joined by a whole new generation of Danish chefs, who have re-envisioned the city’s food scene. Many of these chefs have honed their skills at creative restaurants outside Copenhagen. And many of the capital’s top chefs have also brought their skills to other parts of the country where they seek local culinary inspiration.

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