Villa Vest

Sunset seaside views and regionally centred cuisine

With waves lapping at the restaurant door and with its dreamy sunset vistas, Villa Vest (i.e. Villa West) offers a true lands-end feeling. Located in the seaside town of Lønstrup close to some of Scandinavia’s mightiest drifting sand dunes and the romantically sand-engulfed Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, the restaurant is uniquely set in some of Denmark’s most magnificent nature. And nature also inspires its menus, which feature local seafood, locally raised meats and local cheeses. Formerly headed by restaurateur-chef team Michael ’Miv’ Pedersen (Chef of the Year 2013) and Kim Møller Kjær, the latter has now teamed with Mikael Kopp Christensen, former head chef at Svinkløv Badehotel and Brøndums Hotel (see above). The restaurant website is in Danish only. 

Read more about the area around Lønstrup here.

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