Vejle attracts world's best at international Food Photo Festival 2015

Vejle attracts world's best at international Food Photo Festival

The world's best Food Photographers are gathering in Vejle, southern Jutland, for the International Food Photo Festival on 22-25 October 2015.
Wednesday, July 1, 2015
Some 500 of the world's best Food Photographers will soon gather in the Danish city Vejle for the International Food Photo Festival on 22-25 October 2015. And they'll re-visit again in 2017 and 2019.
The Food Hype 
Food, including the new Nordic cuisine, is trending massively worldwide these days. Michelin stars are counted everywhere and chefs are queuing on television screens, etc. Exclusive coffee table books and cook books fill the shelves of bookstores, and the number of professional and amateur food bloggers increases by the day. Hence, getting the best photographers on board to shoot pictures of produce, crops and carefully created dishes has become an increasingly lucrative business too – in fact, so attractive that food photographers worldwide now have their own international festival; the Food Photo Festival. 
The first two festivals were located in Tarragona in Spain, but now the third festival will take place in Vejle, Denmark. The organizers are based in Spain but have had their eyes on the North for a while, as they wanted to find a new attractive location for the international festival that draws some 500 participants from across Europe and much of the rest of the world, including North and South America, Israel and Russia.
As for why the Food Photo Festival organisers chose Denmark, and specifically Vejle, Manon Straver, Event Manager of the Food Photo Festival, says:
- Denmark is a trendsetter within gastronomy. It is in every way a modern destination; in design, gastronomy and architecture, and so it feels absolutely right that we have chosen the destination. Out of Denmark we also reach a much wider audience from e.g. Sweden, Germany and Holland whereas in Tarragona, where the first two festivals took stage, one half of the periphery is the Mediterranean Sea!
- We are also fully aware that Copenhagen is the Gourmet Capital of Scandinavia, however if we had chosen the Danish capital – just like we could have chosen Barcelona in previous years - there is too much to distract participants from what they're really here for and we'd like our delegates to stay focused on the festival, the networking, workshops, etc.,  Ms. Straver adds.
Great location, size and atmosphere
But, the organisers from also Spain chose hot Foodie destination Denmark, and more specifically Vejle, based on several other factors, namely; a central location, good size and great atmosphere. 
Manon Straver did, in fact, not even know about Vejle. She was introduced to the place by Anita Hede from Inspiring Denmark – the local convention bureau of Southern Jutland - whom she met at IBTM in Barcelona.
- Vejle simply matches our festival ambitions and ideas extremely well. It was the combination of a smaller town with a charming city centre, where it is possible for people to connect - and this festival is very much about networking between the delegates – and some very enthusiastic collaborators on location, a reputation of offering great hospitality, and an impressive range  of venues that was decisive in choosing to locate the Food Photo Festival in the city.
- Offering the venue 'Spinderihallerne' – an old spinning mill – also made Vejle seem like the perfect fit for our festival concept, says Manon Straver, adding that the city's large catchment area in Europe – there's easy accessibility to Vejle via three international airports in nearby Billund as well as Copenhagen and Hamburg in Germany - was another key reason for choosing the destination, Straver ends. 
Participants of the Food Photo Festival will discuss and share the latest trends in the photography of food. They can participate in conferences, workshops and cultivate existing or new networks. The festival also invites local  citizens to the event to experience, among other things, an excellent food photo exhibition of raw materials, produce and fine gastronomy. The organizers have already decided that the next two festivals in 2017 and 2019 will take place in Vejle too.

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Facts about...
Food Photo Festival
The Food Photo Festival was originally initiated by the Dutch food enthusiast Ms. Manon Straver (Event Manager) and German culinarian Mr. Günther Beer. Both are resident in Spain, where the first two Food Photo Festivals took place.
Vejle in south Jutland
Vejle is located on the scenic Jutland peninsula and surrounded by both fjords and woodlands and the area is packed with historical legacy from the Stone, Bronze, Iron and Viking Age. During the Industrial Revolution, Vejle was known as the "Manchester of Denmark" . It is still part of a key business triangle in Denmark attracting a wide range of cluster industries to the area and is also one of the leading gastronomic destinations in the country. 
Inspiring Denmark
Inspiring Denmark is a non-profit organization that strengthens business tourism in Southern Denmark. The organization helps researchers and business people to win and plan international congresses and give free advice. Inspiring Denmark is supported by the Southern Growth Forum, the EU, municipalities and municipal cooperation organizations and the profession.
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