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Explore Denmark's vineyards

Photo: laban

Did you know that Denmark is a wineland? Yes, you read it right - Denmark is not just a beer producer, it is also home to grapes. Here's all you need to know about drinking local wine in Denmark. 

Denmark has been an official wine-growing country since 2000, and is Europe's northernmost grape-growing area. There are four key regions: Jutland, Funen, Zealand and Bornholm.

It's regarded as a new and interesting speciality on the international wine stage, and some wineries have even won international prizes. So let's explore it a bit more - and bottoms up! ?

Vineyards of Denmark

Pro-tip: if you click on "Map" below, you can see all wineries on a handy map, making it easy to plan your 'Denmark goes Sideways' trip.